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Monday, May 01, 2006

Take Polls, Make Polls, See What The World Thinks

Do you like polls? We like polls...

Vizu Web Polls are a natural complement to any website and are often a great way to synthesize opinion or promote discussion and participation.

  • Polls can be used as the subject of a posting, or as supplemental content.
  • Polls are also a great way to learn what types of content/postings are popular with your readers.
  • Adding a poll to your blog gives readers the ability to contribute opinion, helping them develop a feeling of "investment" in your site.

Use Vizu when you want cool blog add ons. Our Web Polls are completly FREE, and are loaded with features. Learn more about Web Polls on our site.

How to add polls:

If you are interested in adding Vizu Web Polls to your blog, follow the directions provided below:

1) Go to Vizu.com and click on the Create Poll button.
2) Use the Poll Wizard to create a Web Poll (or choose an existing poll from our site).
2) Click on the Export Poll button.
3) Customize your polls colors/size.
4) Copy the resulting code and paste it in the section where you would like the poll to be displayed.


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